Today has been a day

I havent wrote in a while.. being back to work.. kids back at school.. still healing.. mind still on 1000.. I need the weekend to rest my mind.. oh.. classes start on Monday for me also.

So.. I sit on my bed after I got the family fed and settled for the night.

I turn on one of only shows I like “All Rise”. The episode involves a husband whole lost his black wife during child birth after complaint to the doctors that she had been in pain and requested additional text and was denied.

If that didnt pull the scab off a wound!

That immediately made me think of Henrietta Lacks.

If you havent read her story, I implore you to do so.

The episode showcase no matter our cries for help we still get mistreated by the ones who are set in place to advocate for us.

Even though this was family was not real, but this happens very often in our community.

Well let me say my prayers and take it in for the night.. no use to crying when you have to wake up and fight another day.

Peace and blessings.