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Don’t be her.. the pick me girl

the girl who settles.

The pick me to make you feel good.

The i’ll do what ever you want me to do so that you can pick me…


Nah.. fuck all that ..  i’m not ving for you attention..

i’m not posting half naked pictures of myself

I’m just going to be dope.. if you can’t feel these vibes.. then

well… you know…

Fuck you.

I see you black man

Chocolate Inferno

I see you black man full of pride.

Walking with your chin up, chest out, and your shoulders back.

Strong, bold, and fearless.

Your presence commands attention when you walk into the room.

You arrived here in shackles and they try to keep you in those same chains.

Afraid of your power.

You were beaten down and separated from your family.

Sold to the highest bidder.

Yet, everyday you fight for your freedom and respect.

Trying to survive in a world that thinks your worth more dead than alive.

Protecting and providing for your family is your state of mind.

When you are out there hustling and on your grind.

They see you as a hoodlum, a nigga and a thug.

When we know that, you derived from mathematicians, inventors, scientist, and kings.

Ruling as far as the eye can see.

Envied for your masculinity, strength, will power, and virility.


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All I ask of you

Kissin’ you is not enough for me
You know I’m a big girl, and big girls have desires
Makin’ love is what I want to do
But I need a true friend to make me come together

Just give me all your lovin’
I’ll do all the rubbin’
I’ll kiss you anywhere
Yes, love, even there
That’s all I ask of you

I’m not tryin’ to put you on the line
But I got to tell you what’s exactly on my mind, girl
My big heart leads me right to you
Every time the phone rings
I pray to God that it’s you, girl

Every time I close my eyes
A vision of your face always pops into my mind
I would do anything to receive love from you
So show me the way that this could happen soon