I done left my shoe in the car…


It’s a new day, new opportunities, and renewed blessings. I woke up this morning in a state of peace, because I went to sleep with my new business plan on my mind. Then all that was shattered when i received a call at 6:47 am with my mom telling me that my daughter walked out the house with one shoe on.. Who in the heck does that?.. welp apparently my daughter does. It makes me think.. you can be so in a hurry to get to where you are going, you leave something behind..

That could be a good or a bad thing.. In the glass half empty way of thinking.. it can be perceived as ” oh I left something I really needed, I am going to turn around and go get this old shoe.  (insert meaningful thing in life)  Or you can look at it as the glass half full approach. I know I left that shoe, but I need to continue going forward.. the ground may hurt my feet just a little, but if I keep on walking towards where I want to be it may just be a better pair waiting for me.

Now, i’m not telling you to walk around without a shoe.. because you may just end up in a padded wagon..lol. but look at it metaphorically. We have been holding one to thing we think we need for so long. Maybe its time to leave it behind.. there may be something down the road that fits better.


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