I want a love story.. PRONTO!

Ughh.. I want a romance from a cheap romance book from Wal-mart.. lol (I truly laughed out loud when  I wrote this).. I want one of those over night fall in love, damsel in distress, knight in shining armour rescue dudes to pick me up while I’m searching for a ripe tomato in the product section.

Let me take you back for a moment. In high school, I was not interested in anything.. so my mom (I think) told my aunt to get me involved into reading.. So my aunt gave me a butt load of romance novels to read. I became obsessed. I would sometimes complete a book in a day.

That leads me to my so-called dilemma.. I begin to think that  that’s how life is.. I would find my soul mate at the grocery store.. or some one would snatch my purse (yeah really..lol) and my rescuer would sweep me off my feet and take me to a hideaway and pamper me.. then we would make sweet love and eat pears..lol


Then reality struck. when I was 18. and I was left dazed and confused..

and all of the 90’s movies didn’t make it any better i.e: Love Jones Love and Basketball

I still hope for romance with a complete gentlemen.. but I’ve taken my rose-colored glasses off.. and I’m deciding to ride this thing out..


There is HOPE!




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5 thoughts on “I want a love story.. PRONTO!”

  1. Don’t give up! I too kept a book glued to my face and was left with high standards. I had to go thru some duds to find my love story but I got even more than those novels/movies promised.

  2. I was literally the same way. My dad used to tell me not to read them – so I would sneak off to the library and read them until the library closed lol. I think I’m about to write about that actually!

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