Horrible Bosses

Movie horrible Bosses- this is not my image, i'm just borrowing it.. don't try to sue me.. all i have to my name is dirty diapers and old cereal at the bottom of my purse.
Movie horrible Bosses- this is not my image, i’m just borrowing it.. don’t try to sue me.. all i have to my name is dirty diapers and old cereal at the bottom of my purse.

It is very hard dealing with rude, condescending people, and really unbearable deal with some one how is over you.

When I entered the work scene at the age of 14, my first job was working at Winn Dixie as a bag girl. Awe man I loved that job. I only worked 4 hours on Saturday, and 4 hours on Sunday. Life was sweet. I would bag up grocery.. ride a round on the handicap chairs and eat damaged food..lol

Until Ms HBIC (name changed to protect the non- innocent)  decided to let her wrath out on me. She would torment me. Had me do awful jobs like scraping slug out from under the cashier tables cleaning the grout in the restroom.

But on one beautiful Sunday.. I decided to call in enjoy Sunday at church with my family. I get a call at 6pm from one of my friends at work and she told me the store got robbed!.. i was like what!!.. and she said they locked Ms. HBIC in the freezer!! I cried laughing!.. God don’t like ugly.  She was in the meat freezer for at least 30 minutes.. That day i quit.

One reason was the robbery, the second is i didn’t want to work for someone who hated me and treated me like cow dung.. but it seems like I am back in the same position again. This is a bit worse.

The bad part is I have a family that need my income and i just can’t up and quit.. I’ve been going through this for over two years now.. And it just not the bosses. Its the co-workers also. I’ve dealt with racist jokes, picked on, and ostracized to the max.. but i have to keep going when i don’t feel like it.

For some odd reason I know that God has me here for a purpose, and for every one person here that treats me rude, and gives me evil stares.. there is one person that buys me lunch, send me a smiley face, encourages me, and goes to bat for me. So for that I am grateful.. and shout out to HR.. they are the real MVPs.



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5 thoughts on “Horrible Bosses”

  1. Sadly, there are far too many places of employment that subject “people who are different” (e.g., Black people) to a hostile, unfair and demeaning work environment, which impacts the quality of our lives. I suggest moving away (emotionally) from these people and going within (spiritually) to uplift you. Hang in there.

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