Go Fund Me- The new and improved way of begging..

go fund me

Over the last 2 weeks I have seen over 15 pleas of for help.. ranging from  help to pay for medical expenses for a new heart (in which I donated to)

To a prostitute asking for money to help pay for a stay in a hotel room and hopefully get an apartment so they can turn their tricks in peace. ( I can’t make this stuff up)

I was like.. hey why not.. I need to get me one..

Mama needs a new car..


like seriously.. So if you find it in your ever-loving heart.. click the link below and drop a dime or 20 towards me getting a new car..

I promise to take lil old ladies to the grocery store on Sundays after church..lol

And shout out to my mom for the $5 ..  I can get a gallon of gas.




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One thought on “Go Fund Me- The new and improved way of begging..”

  1. Okay, let me completely appreciate this . . . now then, she labelled herself “prostitute” and she’s online seeking funds for a “hotel room” (or shall we call it what it is: ‘better location to allocate properly her unique business and services’) and in return we – the donors – get what exactly? (Tongue firmly planted in cheek, I shall now seek funds to acquire a better class of prosty; or should I refer to her as a ‘business-woman) I’m just saying. . . . good luck with that new mercedes you’re seeking!

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