That dry a$$ Turkey

Crunky Turkey
Crunchy Turkey

LOL I just laughed out loud when I wrote that heading and looked a the picture.

But seriously.. no one want to eat dry turkey.. not slice, not diced nor shaved.

I remember there was a  certain family member that cooked a turkey for thanksgiving..

and boy when I tell you that turkey was solid as a rock and drier than sandpaper.

Everyone doused that turkey in gravy, water, and any other moisture that we could find.

Here are a few pointer on making a juicy turkey:

  1.  Fresh, never frozen (optional) The fresher the turkey.. the better it taste and the more natural moisture it holds.
  2.  Inject. I inject butter and herb under the skin and in the meat before and throughout the cooking process.
  3.  Baze. As my cousin Shawana would say “baze that thang” I like to bathe the turkey in broth and collected juices as its cooking.
  4.  Rotate! Rotate you turkey periodically during the cooking process. I like to start with my turkey on it’s back. Legs up baby!
  5.  Take a chill pill. Let the Turkey gather its thoughts before you go chopping it up, you lose good juice if you cut into it too early

Please I ask of you.. save a relationship.

Don’t let that person who can’t cook, make the turkey…

Because I for one.. will talk about you for the ENTIRE year…lol


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