The nice nasty lady

This meme cracks me up!
This meme cracks me up!

(takes breath, roll shoulder blades and flex fingers before typing)

Song  for post: Kelis: I hate you

Man.. Geez.. Darn. .. Tuhh

from the beginning of civilization women have not been able to coincide .. peacefully.

In the stone age.. in elementary school.. swim dorms.. and most definitely the work place.

It seems as though when a new women walks into the picture.. the other women size her up.

there is always one the is friendly,  one that is a total (insert b-word) the one I dislike the most is the nice nasty.

I always have to deal with the nice nasty.

That nice-nasty woman will only involve you in what she want to involve you in. whether its lunch with the co-workers, or a short-lived position on the cool girls team.

That is the one who is the least trust worth.

The nice nasty lady will use you as much as possible until she grows tired of you, and then will talk about you to her counterparts.

It’s very hard to expose the nice nasty lady.. from the outside looking in.. she seems so helpful… skillful.

But underneath.. she hates your guts.

Only a skilled observer can pick out the nice nasty lady..

but eventually her nasty attitude will seep out.

I am trying to think of positive ways to interacting with the nice nasty, it quite hard.

Nice/nasty isn’t limited to women.. I currently have to interact with a male one.. but they aren’t as bad.


well .. until next time.. just laugh uncontrollably when you see that person.. they will think you’re crazy.. everyone is a bit scared of crazy

baw ha-ha-ha baw-ha -ha-ha






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