Movie Review: Annie (2014)


The sun will come out tomorrow!! betcha bottom dollar that tooo morrow!

Geez louise I loved that movie!..

I loved the 1982 movie also, but this one was the best.

It had great humor, emotions, and a genuine feel good vibe to it.

But there was one mistake…

I went with my MOM!

She talks throughout the movie.. i was H..O..T..T hot!.

She kept asking me if  they gave refill, how was the popcorn.. was Jamie Foxx cute.

I was like “Woman HUSH!”.. lol

My Kids and my daughter's friend.
My Kids and my daughter’s friend.

Not to mention we tried this new movie theater called Movie Studio Grill, Where you can watch the movie and order nice burgers and such..  and the price wasn’t that bad.

Quvenzhané Wallis- Annie was so optimistic, it baffled me. I wish I could be more like that character. She always say the good in people, no matter the circumstance.

Cameron Diaz played the part of Mrs Hannigan to a “T”  and she was so funny.

Last but most defiantly not the least.. Mr.Stacks.. played by Jamie Foxx.. I love his swagger.. his walk.. even from the In Living Color days.

The most funny part in the movie was when they were getting dressed for the Gala and Annie walked in on Mr. Stacks getting ready and she saw his wig.. lol.. my kids busted out laughing and said.. “mommy you have one of those!”

Over all i give the movie 4.5 out of 5 stars. I wish it was longer, even though it was already 2 hours.. it was just that good.



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