My weekend getaway

Happy Monday… Every time I come back from a trip I become super emotional.. I have a wave of feelings. This Weekend “mom get away” trip was my first trip without my kids since March of 2012. And when i came back from that trip I was actually pulling up into my mother driveway and my company called me and told me they were out-sourcing my job . I was like.. “why didn’t y’all tell me  this last week?” ol Dirt bags!.. any who.. that was my last lil trip. So fast forward to this pass weekend, I took a little weekend getaway to Atlanta for the Honda Battle of the Bands. I was ok.. I actually got to see a friend i haven’t seen in a while, and one of my favorite younger cousins Tory.. I swear with him.. the turn up was real!! even if the meet and greet only  lasted for a good 45 minutes. I swear when my family get together its like we’ve never left each other side.. and we are all super loud and have the craziest laughs. I rode the MARTA all of Saturday.. which was interesting.. and finally go my Shea butter from The Underground Station.. then we went over to The Georgia Dome for the Battle. I plan on returning in the next month or so, so that i can show my family some of the historic sites throughout Atlanta and Savannah.  Over all the trip was ok.. there are some things I would have  done better.. Oh and I met some very nice people (hey Keesha) and one in particular on the plane (Hey Mo). so I give the trip a thumbs up.


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