Vacationing without kids

When being a parent it is necessary to take time for yourself.. but when is it considered too much time?

For the new year I said that I would take at least 4 personal trips this year by myself.. If not a weekend, then just a day.

Last weekend I took a trip to Atlanta, which was ok. I was able to get some rest and see some folks I haven’t seen in a while.

But i started missing my family. I’ve become so use to doing everything with them, that I start feeling like if I don’t vacation with them I’m neglecting them.

I hate feeling this way. I spoke to one of my mentors and she told me that its normal to have this feelings, but I will soon get over them.

Speaking of which, I have a charity event to do in Miami next week, and they are all coming to support me , even my parents!. I’m super excited.

When I got back Sunday from my trip my babies (minus one.. he’s my early sleeper) greeted me with hugs and kisses, and wouldn’t let me go!

I felt so appreciated!

Here are a few clips:

On My way to Breakfast in Atlanta
On My way to Breakfast in Atlanta
Thumbs Up Resturant in East Point
Thumbs Up restaurant in East Point
At the Undeground Station in Atlanta
At the Underground Station in Atlanta




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