Love you until it hurts..

it’s 11:59 pm…. I’m thinking of ways to get over you.. oh how you use to make me want you .. but you were hurtful to me.. every time  you came within my grasp.. you would mess me up.. I’m tired of this back and forth game we play.. you’ve hurt me too many times.. after we’ve been together and you decide to leave it tears me up. I’ve decide to be done with you.. you’ve hurt me for far you long.. I was once addicted to you .. I would say I’m going to Wal-Mart and I’d end up with you. I dodge you for 2 months.. every time I see you in passing I have to look the other way..
………..Taco Bell
you are the devil! ..
I want a soft Taco but I don’t want food


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I love me!

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