Family.. gets on my nerves sometimes

Every family goes through changes disagreements and what nots.. but the difference is.. or so i though they get over them and communicate. I hate when my family does the changes and no one wan to but on their big girl draws and communicate.. I mean it’s not just the younger generation.. it the older folks too. I have cousins where they are sisters and they can be in the same room with each other and they won’t speak.. And the older sister  is into church, but hold on tight to the grudge.. and it makes me sick. If one of them died today the other one would go crazy. I’m tired of trying to mend other folks broken relationships.

I also have a cousin that is in her feeling because I didn’t respond to an email as soon as she sent it. After I appolgized and let her know that i was backed up.. she still was in here feelings.

Some one told me I should stick to my 4 and no more.. They went on to say that I can’t save the world, nor the people in it. I always get caught up in the middle of trying to fix things..

At this point I’m gracefully bowing out.. don’t call me about what some one did to you.. don’t call me trying to help with anything.. I’m so over it..

And another thing.. don’t talk about me to anyone.. because it always get back to me.. I  may not respond.. but hunny I know.. I’ve been quite to keep peace.. but this lion is ready to roar!..

Consider this a warning. and i still love yall

(drops mic and exits stage left)


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