there are too many chiefs.. and not enough Indians

I swear we would go further is we could all just get on the same page.. Sometimes a leader has to become follower just to make sure a task is completed.

This weekend taught me a great deal. It showed we where I stand, and it showed me where I need to be.

I was able to connect with some business savvy folks.. but the key element that our people is missing is: Working together.. we don’t back each other when its most important.. when someone has a great idea we don’t support.. because we feel our idea is greater, instead of jumping aboard and making it happen.

As my granddad always say.. there are too many chiefs.. and not enough Indians.

Another thing that is missing is: Effective communication. wether it me texting facebooking, phone conversation, we need to know which type of communication is best. Text messages can be interpreted differently depending on how someone feels at the time..

That’s why the best business deals have been hashed out over dinner.. Everyone is able to see the persons face, reaction, and tone.

WE have to do better in order to get better, and i’m optimistic.



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