TBT- Know your role.. and shut your mouth.

So many times I hear women saying “I’m a strong black woman”! I can do everything a man can do!” Honestly I had the same mind frame for the longest of time.

Now I’m realizing I’m not designed to do everything a man can and should do. The reason for the change of heart is because I found myself becoming hardened. I notice that things that I should be bothered by was no longer was. Women are to be delicate, sensual and beautiful. I was beginning to lose those things because I was starting to take on characteristic that I was not designed for.

Going back looking at events that woman had to endure, not only black woman over the century, we lost something. Women had to become the bread winners, becuase the husbands were away at work, and still had to rear the children. After the return of the husbands, we already in dual roles in the household. In the African American culture that was happening long before the war. We had to work in the fields, our homes, rise “masta” kids” and our own. Back to focal point, today’s black woman is somewhat in that same position, but some of the hats have changed.

Quite frankly I’m tired. I’m tired of taking on things that I was not designed to do alone. I believe that mothers are to love nourish and are the first teachers to their children. The fathers are the discipliners  and source of stability. Not saying that if the roles are switched it wouldn’t be successful, but I believe it’s the natural state of things. If a mother is working most of the time and away from the home, who is doing the nourishing? I believe that teen violence, early pregnancy, drug use etc is in direct relations to mothers not being available because of work, or other obligations that has to be maintain because the role in the household.

]How do we get back to the basics? How do we have our families? How do we change the family dynamic? How do we find the balance for a healthy family?



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