black men and natural hair



Going through my hair car journey.. I’ve notice that some black men don’t like their women natural. natural2

Just read a post on Facebook where a guy said “Who in hell told some of y’all that the natural look fit walking around here looking like Shabaka and a old lady in the face and wondering why your man didn’t give you a compliment.”

WTF? how could you not like the natural state of the black women? you’d rather like her scalp fried, dried, tacky blonde weave?natural4

Black men wonder why some black women self-love is decreasing, and continuing to incorporate the European look.

In all truthfulness when I wear my hair natural..  men of the opposite race love it.  I’ve heard ” I love when you wear your hair like that Dee, it makes you eyes glow” and other things like that.

More and more black woman are deciding to date outside of their race now because some black men don’t appreciate us in our natural beauty.



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4 thoughts on “black men and natural hair”

    1. everyone has preference.. which i respect. In regards so many black woomen making hair nearly orange.. i’m not sure where you’ve seen this.. in my country there is a verity of color.. but i haven’t seen many black women with orange hair. But i have seen many white women with orange hair.

  1. What do you understand with “continuing to incorporate the European look”
    Sometimes we speak about certain black people taking on the American look, but we also considered blacks also part of our European culture today and many of us do have also black or mixed coloured people in their family. With the centuries all have taken on elements from each other of appreciated certain elements form the other and as such trying to integrate it in their own personality, but this for everyone different. We only can notice that by man it often happen that those who have dark hair want light hair and those who have light hair want dark hair, the ones having light skin wanting to have dark skin and the ones having a dark skin willing to make their skin lighter. Lots of people just do not want to be happy with what they received.

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