Google myself

ok.. This is the first thing i completes on my 30 things by 30 list.

22. Google myself


yeah so.. umm.. a bunch of pictures popped up and some of them are of just me.. also my Linkedin showed up.

The most infamous thing that poppedd up was my mug shot.. yeah

good girl gone

nah.. I actually had to do a walk though on my 25th b-day because i was driving on suspended licence, which wasn’t my fault. I was previously in a car accident where I was transported to the hospital and I didn’t show my insurance because yeah.. i was taken to the hospital!

So they suspend my license and i had moved after that and i never go the letter saying that i had to come to court so a warrant was issues.

I was super sacred at that time. My honey stayed with me the whole time and he laughed at me. We were actually across the street from the jail so I only had to take a picture and set a court date. I went to court and the case was thrown out because I brought in my hospital records and my change of address.

Glad thats all over!


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I love me!

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