i want to be an actress


This is the second time this week I have thought of pursuing my dream of becoming an actress. I don’t know where to start , but that’s what I want to do. As a child i always thought about it, but I was always met with  rebuttals. I was met with “you are too dark”, “your are too fat” you’re a girl” , so I kind of just pushed it in the back of my mind. As i got older, started a family, it continued to get pushed further back into the closet along with the size 16 I use to wear in hight school..lol

But I’m ready to revisit my dream. I’m not sure how, I’m not sure where.. but it’s gone happen!

If you have any pointer please.. I repeat PLEASE! let me know..


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One thought on “i want to be an actress”

  1. It’s never too late to pursue your dreams! If you love acting, you can try local acting classes, as well as audition for community theater organizations and church drama ministry performances. All of those things can help perfect your craft until you go for the big leagues! I love acting too and was in school performances all the way from elementary school to college. We’re the only ones holding ourselves back from doing things that make us happy 🙂

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