Yesterday taught me a valuable lesson… Plan!

Especially when you have to work with others.

I feel its selfish to rush others because you are delayed.

I need to buy a planner.



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3 thoughts on “planning”

  1. I live by a planner. Get one that pops for you and you’ll never put it down lol. Although I will admit have planners have a way of ruining the spontaneity in life if you get too attached!

    1. its so hard for me.. I have a hectic schedule as it its.. and it makes it even worse when i forget things.. I work a regular job.. a hair/fashion stylist, and photographer..i’m going to go today to see if i can find one that suits me. If you have any pointers on orgainizing please share!

      1. Heck yes! First figure out where things seem most chaotic in your life/day. For me, its “tasks, bills, upcoming events, and shopping lists.” So what I do is carry a 2 page list with me everyday (its my version of a planner). The first page is a printed calendar of the month (I live by google’s calendar and I sync it to my phone). The second page has 3 sections. At the top, is a to do list of everything long term and short term that I want to do. In the middle is a shopping list (including anything long term wants or short term wants). At the bottom is a list of all of my upcoming bills (including the amount due and date to pay…in order). It sounds like a lot, but its easier for me to have all of my “thoughts” in one accessible place so that I can release them from my mind and think clearly. I never forget whats upcoming in my life because I have that list. And I’m never late on bills because I have that list. Try it!

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