Blueberry picking

Blueberry Hill Farm

So I decided to hope in the Travan (truck/van) I wasn’t sure where I wanted to go.. I knew I wanted to complete something from my 30by 30 list. but it was getting late in the day. So I hopped on I-4 to go to Sugarloaf  Mountain, and I saw a sign for “U-pick “blueberries.
Blueberry  Hill Farm is a certified organic and conventional  farm, and it’s very beautiful. The owner and family makes honey, herbs and other neat items. here are a few pics of me and the family.




This was a very nice trip.. and I even got to see a fruit I never saw before call Buddha’s fingers



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2 thoughts on “Blueberry picking”

  1. this looks so fun! I wanted to go apple picking last week but apparently it’s not the right season lol. My timing always sucks. Your family is beautiful! as for this fruit though- it’s huge!!! how did it taste?

    1. It was very fun.. we may go back in a few weeks or so.. The season last until may. I think apples are in season during the winter time. And Thanks! they are my life. The blueberries were great.. i loved the organic better.. they were much sweeter.. but the bush was smaller (yielding wise)

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