Clarence Brown- Male Translation


So on Sunday, a friend of mine named Clarence invited me to a round table discussion  on a host of topics. Ranging from the 80/20 rule. Light vs Dark etc. All i can say was  it was love!. The first part of this series we discussed the Hummer vs Ferrari topic. Take a look at the podcast and tell me what you think.. ohh.. thats me in the black and the big

-Young Black & Gifted


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One thought on “Clarence Brown- Male Translation”

  1. This was fun to watch. But even in this group I could hear some negative views even toward light skinned women. For example, the constant use of the word SISTA used by some in the group to differentiate between light and dark skinned women. Light skinned women are SISTA’S too, you know? And then the commend made about how if anyone would be more likely to take you for your money, it would be the light skinned woman. This is a strong reference to light skinned women being gold diggers.

    I love the sense of accountability that the one man in black had about where black women get their attitudes from. Attitudes are developed often from personal experiences, which many times involve disappointing experiences with men.

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