30 things By 30

I have been knocking a few things off my list

5. Make something from scratch -Pastelon


Shout out to my friend Betty for the great recipe. My family loved it

11. Eat something you wouldn’t usually eat.- Tom Yum Goong Soup

On Friday me and the work bestie had Thai for lunch.. and boy was it good.. I normally don’t partake in soup.. but this was actually good.


30. Follow a dream.

This by far was the best. I shot my first Wedding.

I was so nervous.. Hoping that I can capture the moment.It helped that the bride was already beautiful (shout out to Kat..lol).


I have to get on the ball.. I have less that 3 months to complete this list.. But it will get done 🙂


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4 thoughts on “30 things By 30”

  1. Well done on following your dream! Also impressed you tried a new food- that’s always good. Your blog seems a lot of fun.

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