30 Things by 30 #28

OK yesterday was very eventful.. Work, meeting with prospective clients, and a DR. appointment.\

That brings me to #28

28. Give my lunch to a homeless person.

Well on my lunch break I went to go pay a few bills and i was a homeless guy by Dairy queens. I was like” when I finish I will feed him”. When i got back dude was gone.

So later while reviewing some pictures with a client at McDonald.. a guy asked me for some change. I told him I didn’t have any to spare. (A guy cursed me out because i have him some quarters and pennies , so i don’t really give money anymore). But I told him can get him something to eat. Now here is the kicker.

Buddy said.. yeah get me a Big Mac no lettuce and a large soda.


Did you just put your order in sir?

I told him I can get him a couple of hamburger and a fries..

He said i guess that will do.

This was my face


So I got the kids settled in and went and purchased his Big Mac meal.

God is good..lol


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