The writing’s on the wall- Destiny Child


Awe man.. i’m listening to Destiny Child’s first LP.. And boy it brought me back to  high school!.

I swea Kelly has the best voice!. this was my fave  2 verse:

Hey how ya doin’, yeah I’m doin’ mighty fine
Last time I seen ya, it’s been a long time
Stop smilin’ at me, get that look off your face
Please don’t even front, stop bein’ so fake
I know you do not like me and you made it very clear
You’re always talkin’ about me from what I hear
Always put me down when you thought that you could
I want you to know that I’m doin’ so good

This is for them haters that said we wouldn’t make it
Now we doin’ platinum now you can’t take it
For all the people ’round us that have been negative
Look at us now and see how we live
I stayed down wit’ my people, all the ones that keep it real
Didn’t get caught up, and how’d it make you feel?
All the things I’m doin’ that you thought I never could
I want you to know that I’m doin’ so good

If you hear me singing in the office.. know that i’m in my throwback mode!


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I love me!

2 thoughts on “The writing’s on the wall- Destiny Child”

  1. This was one of my favorite songs too! I really went and downloaded it again because I hadn’t listened to it in so long. You’re right listening to this song brought back memories. I loved this era.

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