Should Slaves get reparation?


This video clip spoke to me.. Slavery for African-American has created a chain events that has left African-American on the short end of the stick. I do believe once we were separated from our original culture, brainwash ans sent over seas, that started a chain of event. Once a person is enslaved, they can no longer identify, include or relate to a group or culture, so therefore  they have no identity. I would really like to engage in a discussion about this.


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One thought on “Should Slaves get reparation?”

  1. I clicked on the video and its unable to be played, but I fear that reparations would put a dollar value to our history and what we endured. I don’t ever want people to think that they could refund that. I can hear it now… “We already gave them reparations, they should be over this slavery thing now.” What do you think, though?

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