Where are the mothers of Zion

I love older people.. Especially when they have wisdom. Lately I’ve notice that that wisdom is found so few and far in between.  I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some folks endowed with kind words and critiques peppered with love, but it far from frequent. Someone said something a few weeks ago that troubled me.. But not going to speak about it until I have came to the conclusion on how to handle it. But back to the topic..  The person said something that if I was a weak person or if they would have caught me on a trying day.  It would have completely broken me. The nurturing essences if leaving the earth at an alarming rate. people don’t understand how words let alone actions can build or destruct. Where are the mothers of Zion?.. Even in church.. They use to have time for the younger generations.. They use to call and check on the single mothers.. Visit nursing homes.. Help with grieving families.. Now its all about raising money.. Receiving offerings and having a church program. I am disappointed.. But these are the signs of the times.. Where are the mothers of Zion?


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