Find my way back..


Over the weekend someone told me i need to find my way back.. I know it was out of love..


I was never lost.. I was never designed to stay in the box.. nor be stagnant.

I was made to prosper.. not only in the natural sense.. but spiritual sense…

I was told .. indirectly of course that I was a distraction.. I was designed to be different..

My hair.. my style.. my personality.. it’s all my choice..

If you can’t deal with.. well you know what to do..

This year is a year of closed chapters.. new beginnings.. New challenges.. and being a conquer.

I don’t need to find my way back.. I’m just finding me.



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I love me!

5 thoughts on “Find my way back..”

  1. Life is nothing but a journey of self-discovery if you ask me. Whoever told you that you’re lost, must not understand that. Different is a gift. Normalcy is not.

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