My weekend

The weekend went by super fast!

I learned a bunch though.

1: under promise.. over deliver.

2. Money doesn’t buy class.

3. Money doesn’t buy love.

4. The pass is the pass for a reason.. let it go.

5. Whenever something upset you.. give yourself 24 hours to respond.. You will realize its not that serious.

6. When someone flash money/status.. they usually don’t have many friends.

7. A child wants you to pay attention to them and support them.

8. I owe no one any explanations for anything i choose to do.

9. If someone talks to you about someone else.. more thank likely they will talk about you to someone else.

10. Actions speak louder than words.

New lessons every day.. I’m glad i was able to recognize them.

Ya’ll have a happy Monday!


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4 thoughts on “My weekend”

  1. #5 and #9 are everything. I’ve learned #5 but have had SUCH a hard time implementing this. I am such a reactor, but can definitely see how being that way has ruined so many relationships or friendships that didn’t need to end.

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