The Curious Case of The Watermelon (Wo)Man

This sums it up..

Black Pearls


Do you remember the 1970’s movie The Watermelon Man? Jeff Grober was a caucasian man and a bigot. One morning he awoke only to discover that his skin had become that of a black man’s and from that day on his life was forever changed as his “privilege” was no longer on his side.

This situation with Rachel Dolezal is like a 2015 remake of this movie with a few changes. Or is it more like the Girlfriend’s episode when Lynn’s sister came to visit?

Or how about a Dave Chapelle skit much like the one where Clayton Bigsby who is blind and black but truly believed he was white? Its like pieces of all 3 wrapped into one.

When i ventured over to twitter to see the latest and stumbled upon #RachelDolezal I did not expect to be entertained so much to the where i practically…

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