Gullah Gullah Island


As I was talking to a co-worker who visited South Carolina this weekend, I immediately though about Gullah Gullah  Island. Man I really loved that show when I was younger.

I would get out of school and rush home so that me and my brothers can tune in to Nick. I wanted to be apart for that family sooo

A few years ago I was reading an article about the sea Island and its residents and caught a show on PBS that really intrigued me.

Fast for to today, I have an urgent itch to read up more about the Gullah culture. I went in search of the cast, and came across the mother on the show Natalie Daise website Gullah Mama.  I just love her website!  I want my kids to know about the culture we have from Africa that is still practiced today. I most defiantly want to take a trip soon!.


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8 thoughts on “Gullah Gullah Island”

  1. Come and lets play together, in the bright sunny weather, lets all go to GULLAH GULLAH ISLAND! Lots to see and to do there, all we need now is you there, lets all go to GULLAH GULLAH ISLAND!

    I used to want to be down with their family too. A lot of these wholesome shows were the best!

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