I feel blessed

Whoa what a week! I did my first mid-week photo shoot, which was fab! (thanks Lisa) It was great!

It felt good knowing that I can capture someone’s love through photography.

To follow that up I did my first sporting event. I shot a celebrity basketball game (yeah me!)

So today I just kicked back.. ate ice cream .. and TOOK A NAP!! I havent taken a nap in so long! boy did I enjoy it!

You learn to cherish the small thing.. any who I’m counting dow until my vacation!..

Enjoy yourself and love everyone.. good night (kisses)


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I love me!

5 thoughts on “I feel blessed”

  1. Good for you! It sounds like you had an awesome weekend full of success and self-accomplishments. I am horrible at sports photography – everything turns out blurry. I know to increase the shutter speed but one of my other settings must be off whenever I do. How did you like it?

  2. Congratulations on a successful photo shoot as well as the sporting event. I am a novice, wannabe taker of photographs — primarily interested in nature photos. So, I love to connect with others who share this interest.

    1. I love scenic photos but I like catching family moments.. My mom told me i need to keep keep my camera with me.. with my phone i have to buy a memory card almost every other week..lol.. Have you been to the botanical garden at USF? I’m thinking about taking some pics there this weekend.

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