Word Crush Wednesday

My WCW for today is in 2 parts.. Forgiveness and desperation..

Mr.Sidney Poitier


Jim Carrey



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I love me!

5 thoughts on “Word Crush Wednesday”

  1. Both of these quotes are really powerful. Desperation, I feel is what prompts action so often. I think about how I didn’t make many moves in my life until I felt I had no choice. As for forgiveness, I think I’m starting to realize that I don’t truly forgive myself for a few things. Not things that I have done to others but things that I have done to myself…people that I’ve let in…behaviors that I’ve shown…you know?

    1. I truly understand.. sit down and take the time to think about those things you haven’t let go of.. once you force yourself to identify and gain some understanding, thats where forgiveness will set in.

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