Dealing with privileged people

I would really like to say what i really feel.. but i’m a bit angry..

Some people are privileged and think they can treat others any kids of way..

They are in high-ranking positions and are complete butt holes.

Just because you have some type of authority doesn’t mean you can say and do things to others

I swear i have to deal with Donald Trump thinking kind of folks on a daily basis, and i’m utterly tired of it.

I really want to say kiss my ass.. but my momma didn’t raise me that way.

Bitting the bullet right now.


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8 thoughts on “Dealing with privileged people”

  1. Sometimes the higher you get in life means you don’t have to abide by the same rules as everyone else. That is sad if you ask me. Courtesy and kindness should be universal for everyone.

    1. I agree.. It’s rare that I see nice people in high positions.. I feel no matter your position.. every one deserves respect.. from the cleaning people to the CEO.. we all are human.

  2. I had to learn the hard way that every thing that is said or done does not deserve a response. I even had someone who is my coworkers who believe they are so much higher than me and then come to find out their home is in foreclosure. Its funny how people are.

    1. thats the truth.. i had this one boss who was a complete jerk.. always saying crazy things about people from the “ghetto” and very condesending towards me.. Come to find out his under age daughter and boyfriend were drinking and doing drugs.. got in an accident and the boyfriend died.

      1. Oh wow. Well like luann the countess says money doesn’t buy you class. Keep your head up, you seem like you have restraint. I called someone a low class b when they were condescending and told me their upbringing involved private schools. No one is better than anyone

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