30 Things by 30 #21

#21. Leave a note for a stranger.


Well.. let me start of by staying.. I was livid before completing this task.My day started with the funeral of my young cousin. Then I decided to go ahead and complete my registration for a tag decal while i was off.. and Boy was I in for a great surprise!!

Soooooooo, I stroll up to the clerk and  hand her my registration, hoping to get in and out.. But oh no!.. she says ” hunny, you need to pay off these tolls before you get in line. So she passes me the number to contact the tolls collectors. Not only was I on the call for 45 minutes.. They brought up a toll from 2012 when i went to Miami!!..

$132 later I was back in line to get my registration. I remembered that I  left something in the care so I went to retrieve it and I noticed a sticky note i previously written to place on someone car.

I placed it on their window and when back in and waited my turn to get called.

I met a really nice guy from New York.. and we talked for about 30 minutes.

Once I got my registration I ran out of there like my mom just took me off punishment!


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