So I have this one cousin..

Who’s is the bomb!..  She  is always there for me.. whenever I want to vent she listens without judgement, hate, and with and open mind. When i’m ready to hit the road.. she’s on the passenger side.. sometimes she’s asleep I have never had an argument to big when we stop talking to each other. An i appreciate that. She always reach out to me when I need it the most, and she encourages me. She never holds grudges, and is the peacemaker. You always ask “Can i get ah plate?” I love you Shawana.. You are always there when I need you.. and even when I don’t.


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I love me!

2 thoughts on “So I have this one cousin..”

  1. Its great to have family like that. I was close to a cousin of mine when growing up but we ended up really distant over time just because we lived so far away from each other.

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