all the things…

Hey, love
You say you need someone
To be there for you
To love you all night long, huh
It’s kinda funny but
I don’t think you have to look no further
Because I’m right here
And I’m ready
To do all the things your man won’t do

Tell me what kind of man
Would treat his woman so cold
Treat you like you’re nothin’
When you’re worth more than gold

Girl, to me you’re like a diamond
I love the way you shine
A hundred million dollar treasure
I’ll give the world to make you mine

I’ll put a string a pearls right in your hand
Make love on a beach of jet black sand
Outside in the rain we can do it all night
Out to tour the places he would not
And some you never knew would get you hot
Nothin’ is forbidden when we touch

  • Joe

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I love me!

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