Whats up my Sistah!

What the heck are you talking about?

Whats up homegirl? Whats up my brutha! Word to ya motha!

This is the crap I have to hear..

I hate when people speak to me using slang.. especially when I’m working or conducting business.

Just cause I’m black doesn’t mean I speak in such a way.

Now when I’m with my family or close friends we have a certain why that we speak and converse with each other, but

…you don’t know me!..

(I laughed a little bit when I wrote that)

Throughout working in corporate America, I’ve heard some crazy slang, stupid assumption, and gestures.

I’m even skeptical about eating chicken at work because people look at you crazy.

I’ve heard ” ohhh this printer is sooo ratchet!”

“whats up my homie from another rommie” (yeah hella stupid” )

Most of the time i just laugh because it sounds so stupid, then I say, ” I’m sorry, I can’t comprehend what you’ve just said, come again?”

Just because I’m black.. doesn’t mean I speak fluent slang.


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6 thoughts on “Whats up my Sistah!”

  1. I hate the people who aren’t Black who do slang all wrong. I recognize it’s an attempt on their part to connect but I want to tell them how racist it is to think you can “Speak Black” to me. LOL

    It’s also slightly hilarious when I’m the ONLY Black person in a group of white people. There’s that one person talking about, “what it does sistah?” And I’m all, “No. Just No.”


    1. lol right.. I had someone in the office come up to me (mind you i’m the lone ranger in this office) and say “whats the dealio”.. i knew what he was say. .but i was like.. “you want the number to the deli? i’m sorry i don’t understand”..lol .. you just can’t do that.

    2. lol! I love watching people “convert” in a work setting just to blend with me. So you don’t like us, but you’ll adopt what you think is our language so that we can like YOU?

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