Take it slow..


When something feels so right.. that you are holding your breath hoping it’s not a dream.

Take it slow..

Wanting to skip pass sleep so that you can fully immerse yourself in its presence…

Take it slow..

But it feels so good the connects seems to unreal…

Take it slow..

But but no I don’t want to..


Take it slow.

Can I look behind your eyes to see your true intention?

Take it slow..

Can I have a prelude of your passion? can I tap into your inner working to see if we connect beyond attraction?

Yes.. but first we need to

Take it slow…


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I love me!

3 thoughts on “Take it slow..”

  1. o0o man oh man did I need to read THIS! I feel like I just dive in head first when getting to know someone “amazing.” I end up vulnerable and regretting the fact that I rushed it.

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