Someone told me that woman are not designed to have multiple sex partners… Women can not have sex without getting attached… I must admit.. This is true.. In most instances..

When a woman allows you to enter her.. To she is allowing you to penetrate not just her body.. But her soul.. Her inner being.. So many different unwarranted feelings begin to transpire.. So many levies break..flood gate’s become unsealed..
I recently watched a video were Dr Umar Johnson spoke about such feeling of a woman. We sex is introduced into a relationship prematurely.. Our ability to make conscious decisions go out the window..  Not just women.. Men also..

Not sure why I decided to write this .. But it was on my mind.. I think i will be writing for the better part of the


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  1. I appreciate reading your post and I too share this sentiment. I think for women you touched on it — our soul becomes involved. It is great to have a safe space to write how you feel. We (as women) need to honor ourselves more by doing that — in a safe space.

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