African Dreams


Ever had a dream so vivid and poetic, when you wake up you body is still reacting?

Well I had a dream like that this morning..

I went to bed at some what of a decent time, then i get this random call around 1:30 asking if I was sleep. Umm Sir sleep is what people do at 1 am.. unless you are working the graveyard shift or hooking.. I do neither.

So I couldn’t fall back asleep until 4:30.. That’s when I had the dream.. I’m feeling all weirded out reminiscing.

OK.. the setting was in Africa.. I had on minimal cloth clothing, kind of living off the land.. and I was MARRIED! .. yeah.. it was like i was in a theater looking at my self.

So my husband was this chocolate, powerful, regal, bald head King. I’m getting excited typing it!.. We basically ruled this little country and he took me where ever he went. We made love is some of the weirdest, scenic and romantic places..It was sweet and sensual lol and it started to get a lil risqué at that point. I was enjoying it.

Then I freaking woke up! I was like mannnn.. NOOOOO!! i wanna go back to sleep!

I miss him


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I love me!

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