soooo.. I’ve been work for the pass 28 days straight.. I’m not complaining.. I’m just acknowledging the fact that I am.. Trying to grow my photography business.. and dealing with the toils of my regular corporate job is giving me the blues. I’m getting a bit exhausted. I just need a weekend.. just one weekend where my and my honey can wake up at noon… eat what ever I want to eat.. go where ever I want to go.. and just chill..

I all actuality.. that may not be until after the new year.. but I’m cool with that.. I will just lock myself in the restroom for 15 minutes and day-dream about Fiji.


2 photo shoots


Time with the family

6 hours of regular work.

I’m so deserving of it though.. That damn delayed gratification is nipping at me again!


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I love me!

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