back to the basics

what a weekend..

Each day I learn something new.. rather it’s how to do something.. or figuring out  my surroundings.

I’m noticing I’m less tolerant of people and their actions.  It’s a wonderful thing when you walk away from a situation that’s toxic and have no regrets.. I’m growing.

I realized that when someone tells you something.. believe them… It hurts like hell to stop caring for someone when they tell you they don’t want your love.

But.. like everything in this world.. Life goes on.

Time will make things better.

I had a friend visit me and she is such a breath of fresh air. I met her this year, and she has been more than a friend then some I’ve known for many years.. I thank God for that connection made.

Well that’s my weekend… looking forward to the week.. y’all have a good one!


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One thought on “back to the basics”

  1. Funny thing. A toxic relationship of mine (a friend) just ended this past week. I think we sometimes tend to hold onto things that we don’t need…solely because they’ve been around for so long.

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