I don’t understand.

I really don’t  understand you.  You tell me to move on.. I check on you.. you don’t reply back.. you check on me .. I respond.. the you don’t reply back.

If you have no intentions of  some day trying to make this work just leave me alone.. I promise I will get over it.. Just as soon as I get some normalcy you F it up.

I truly am trying to be understanding of what you went through.. and currently going through, but for my own sanity I either need closure or communication.

You haven’t properly conveyed either.

I still don’t understand how you go from  “I love you” to ” I think you should move on”

What the hell?

I didn’t sign up for this.. I didn’t ask you to love me.. You did this.. you said it

I told I didn’t want to open up because of things like this..

I was ok with being single.. going on dates when ever I felt like going out. My routine was great.

But no.. you ruined it.

I can’t sleep at night because I’m constantly thinking about you.. Wondering if you are ok.. Wondering if you are hurting.

It’s hard for me to detach.

It’s not a switch I can just turn off and on whenever I get ready to.

Don’t make plans with someone then completely shut down.

I though a relationship was about being there for the person when they aren’t strong enough to stand on their own. Maybe I’m wrong..

The you send a text message… not  a call.. not Lets meet so that we can talk..

Seriously? I think I deserve more than that..

I swear I don’t want to complicate an already complicated time for you.

Help me understand.


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I love me!

8 thoughts on “I don’t understand.”

      1. Yeah you know one of the most sobering quotes that got me was “Silence is an answer too”. Hurts like hell but I was forced to consider it. Praying you get the clarification you deserve. Real talk.

  1. Current situation for me – I kept this back and forth up with someone for so long. Constantly in a state of confusion. At some point, the answers given me didn’t even feel like answers…so the pain and confusion STILL didn’t go anywhere. Argh!

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