I love me first

So I’m preparing for bed. I go into the restroom and begin to clean my face.. then happened to look up in the mirror and I turned my head and I’m like wait hold up! let me to stare at something of my features for a while. so I went to look at my eyes my cheek acne on my face my kinky hair my nose my teeth. I just looked and said “damn I am beautiful”.. sometimes we get so busy that we don’t stop to look at the small things, we don’t appreciate what we have we don’t love what we got going on. but I can honestly say that I am beautiful inside and out. I try to make sure I treat people right and put positive energy in the atmosphere. you have to love where you’re at right now I may not be a size 8 12 or 16 but I love me. I love when I dress up or dress down I feel comfortable I don’t have to impress anyone and I love my personality. some women don’t stop to pay attention to themselves i encourage you to wake up in the morning and stare at yourself in the mirror for about a good minute or two. soak everything up and  appreciate what you have. look at your eyebrows your eyelashes your lips etc. I pretty much love everything about me I can lose a few inches off this waist.. Buthey somebody love it


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I love me!

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