Weathering the storm

These last few months have been trying.. Work, relationships, business, family etc….just went I feel like Im to my breaking point.  God reminds me who he is and what he can do. Then he sends me confirmation through friends that I will get through it. This year has truly pushed me out of my comfort zone.
It has made me recognize what is important and what is not.
My sanity can not depend on a person or an event. Depression is real..
Don’t day I love you unless you mean it.
Take care of what’s important first.
Its ok to be sporadic sometimes.
But planing is important.
You can not pour into others if you are totally empty.
Open and Allow yourself to be loved.
Be a risk taker.
Love people where they are at.. Not their potential

stop procrastinating.. It eventually will need to be done.

Oh.. And pay your student loans. Lol

I have a bunch of growing to do.  But I know everything will be ok


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One thought on “Weathering the storm”

  1. All of these words of advice (esp the student loans one lol) are powerful and hold so much truth. Depression in our community is real and yet ignored – we have to put an end to that. Prioritizing is big for me this year – I refuse to allow my potential to be wasted as I put the tasks that I fear (but need the most) on the backburner!

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