Nursing homes and love

This morning I went to the nursing home.. It amazed me how many people are there and don’t received visitors. It broke my heart at the same time. There were so many vets that were there, so many grandma’s and pops.. I encourage you this year to spend an hour out of Your week and visit one. They would love a game of spades.. An opportunity to tell you some war stories. Or just go and song some old time songs ( I personally like doing karaoke) you’d be surprised. At how many knows Montell Jordan “this is how we do it”.. Lol y’all take it easy and pay it forward!


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4 thoughts on “Nursing homes and love”

  1. This was very inspiring Dee! I’ve been looking for an opportunity to give back to the community with my son but time has limited us lately. However because of where we live you can’t go a few minutes in any direction without passing a nursing home. Thank you for sharing this and taking your time to give to others 🙂

  2. I see this also Dee. My dad lives in an assited living and I go every week or more to visit and there are so many at my dad’s place that don’t receive visitors. Just brakes my heart. I make it a point to visit and say hello to them all and you can see by my speaking to them lights them up.

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