what’s going on…

Man.. these last two months have been a vast array up up and downs.. lefts and rights and emotional. So much is going on.. but i must admit my stress level has been reduced damatically!

My Photography business has been picking up speed. I hop to get more equiptment soon so that i can take on more clients, and diversify my portfolio.

Love.. Ahh.. Love.. L–O–v–eeee.. I don’t know whats going on with that.. but what i am realizing is that love starts on the inside.. and unconditional love is a hard task to accept. I don’t think i’m ready for it.. I really wanted to be in a loving relationship with a certain person, but i don’t think they are in a place where they can give love.. freely.

but it’s all good.. i’m optimistic.. i know its out there.. i just hope it finds me soon!


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I love me!

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