Family Vacation- Bahamas

So I recently  came back from my family spring break vacation. The kids loved it.. I was our first cruise together to the Bahamas.. The first day I Got totally sick but I did try Guys Burger spot.. The burger was so good.. and it had so many topping that I couldn’t count.guys

osysterI tried the Oyster Rockafeller.. whick was to die for!


We took an excursion to Paridise  where the resort Atlantis is.. I will never pay to stay there! it’s too expensive.. I’d rather do Air BnB.. Checked out a few shop and the Queens staircasebahamasMy highlight was having fresh counch for the first time.. and when I tell you it was fresh!.. I mean straight out of the water .. cracked in front of me fresh!counch

that’s me at the captains dinner..deeee

It was a lovely vacation.. but momma needs a solo trip!


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