I sometimes wonder if marriage is for me .. I seen the good the bad and the ugly.. Being with someone for 10 plus years kinda jaded me in the marriage department.

I mean I do want a companion.. but I don’t think I want the title and court obligations…

When it’s over I just want to be able to walk away and not have to fight for what i think is minds or yours..

In all actually, court marriages were never for black people.. this was a western practice that we took on when the drug us over here.. but that besides the point.

I see men and women in marriages where they are completely unsatisfied, hurting and plain unhappy..

I ¬†don’t want that.. I mean I know each relationship doesn’t have all high times.. but I don’t want to be continuously unhappy because i’m tied to someone by a paper that filed with the state.

any who.. my mind might


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One thought on “marriage”

  1. Oh if only i knew the difference between business and pleasure i would kow the difference between strength and weakness. Fear derives from the pinpoint unknown wetting reminds the body that the spirit is echoingggg through the bullshit i put on my own plate. Im at this table now with light belly child of the mess we created, i guess ill shop at the farmers market for my baby.wait let me put my bullshit in the oven so it stays warm while im out. I just cant make up my damn mind.Whos gone feed his father whos he gonna see rub that mans shoulders after a hard day?whos been feeding mama and lovingly sqeezing her from behind?mama floods the house hearts and minds of that man and child and chuck the deuces with her seed in hand.We will return before the next season but will plant to my plate.mama will dance in the rain untill the sun dries her under a tree.marriage is to me but another sting soon to be cut.-indecisive fish

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