We Did It — They Hid It

Thank God for this man.. living in Florida, I liked to done died (southern term) in the heat  a few times:

and for my northern folks he invented the snowmobile!..

With over 40 patents in refrigeration  thank him for fresh produce and long haul refrigeration trucks

Frederick Jones – 5/17/1893-2/21/1961

Frederick McKinley Jones, an African American inventor
Frederick McKinley Jones, an African-American inventor

The first time I fell in love.. his name was Eddie

Eddie Winslow and Tracy Spencer- Tender kisses
Eddie Winslow and Tracy Spencer- Tender kisses



Where do I start.. Eddie took my heart when I watched this episode of family Matters.

I’m listening to it now! It just melts me!

Eddie was so avid on meeting Tracy, and finally got to her and sung that song so perfectly.

Eddie was my first crush.. I couldn’t wait to get home to watch Family Matter.


This song makes me think of someone I use to love..

he looked like hot chocolate on a cold winter night..

and smelled like  pine car air fresheners..lol

I loved me some him  and his smile was like the sun and  moon had eclipse..

Made me think about the lyrics which summed it up very well:

I’m so confused, you’re so unpredictable, trust in me as I trust in you

Put our hearts together there’s nothing we can’t do

Whatever happened to the dreams we used to share
Where did our love go, boy, don’t you even care?

Let me get out of my feeling and get some work done..

My jam is on anyways.. Hi-Five – I like the way (the Kissing Games)

Clubbing Daze!!

Back in the day when I was young.. I’m not a kids anymore!..

Centro Ybor
Centro Ybor

Man those were the days!

After i graduated high school I was in a clubbing frenzy! I mean I would go to a club every night if i could. When it was time for college I moved out the house and moved with my sister. I had no parental barriers, you know I we buck WILD!.. I thought i had it all together. I designed my college schedule to go to class a super early and end at noon, Monday  Thursday. I’d work from 2-8 and after that.. LET THE FESTIVITIES BEGIN!!

I had my squad (a group of down chicks) of four Lisha, Quanda, and Shawn. We sometimes add more girls, but those were my P.I.C.. (partners on crime). we would all meet at my house and prep for the night..

Where I’m from there were UBER clubs.. we have a street with over 20 clubs on one strip.. so we had  the pick of the litter all night.

Let me break down our weekend schedule:

Thursday: Club Fuel

Friday: Club XS

Saturday: The Underground/ Zoo

Sunday: Club XS or 112

we always got in free and drank for free.. and I was always the designated driver (certified water drinker..lol)

Man those were the Daze, the weekend always went by with fun, laughter, and add memories to the exiting book we were creating.

Each of us girl had are own style of dressing and our own personality.. we rarely clashed.

I miss those days.. not the clubbing (I’m a mommy now) but the friendships with no strain, fun with my peers.. now i have to have a month’s notice before we can hang out. But its all good.. I will always have those memories..

A trip to Orlando- That's me in the Pink.
A trip to Orlando- That’s me in the Pink.

And boy do we have a bunch.. I’m LOL right now thinking about some of the boyfriend hideouts we went on and scandals we uncovered..lol I need to write a book!

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