Free my mind

So my mentor gave me this book.. this book is thick… the cover is enticing… I was unsure if I wanted to read it..

This woman..  I never saw her face before..

so i read the forward.. it set me on edge.. I put it down..

On vacation a few weeks later I decided to give it a try again..

Fireworks.. crackles.. bombs…they all went off..

I’m intrigued.. i’m hurting for her.. i’m paralyzed while reading..

the kids are splashing at the pool.. The lady sitting next to me  is nosey looking over and ask what and i reading..

I say.. “I ‘m reading about how the whites oppressed our people and left many black families mother and fatherless…” she turns red in the face.. she scoot over far left on the bench and apologize while slipping her shades on.. I think.. hmm ” serves you right”

The the book grabs me again.. and make me focus on the words..

I’m enraged.. i’m hopeful.. I want her to break out.. but i haven’t gotten that far yet..

Assata = freedom


No one that looks like me…

It baffles me when I look in corporate America and I don’t see anyone that looks like me. There has to be a change there so much things that are going on that someone cannot relate to you.. there is no diversity.. I am tired of having to take lower level jobs not because. Of lack of education but it’s because of who you know not what you know. And sad to say skin color.. I think its time for black communities to unite and. Create our own.. They don’t mind us doing clerical work… Maintenance.. But never the face of the company..

Gullah Gullah Island


As I was talking to a co-worker who visited South Carolina this weekend, I immediately though about Gullah Gullah  Island. Man I really loved that show when I was younger.

I would get out of school and rush home so that me and my brothers can tune in to Nick. I wanted to be apart for that family sooo

A few years ago I was reading an article about the sea Island and its residents and caught a show on PBS that really intrigued me.

Fast for to today, I have an urgent itch to read up more about the Gullah culture. I went in search of the cast, and came across the mother on the show Natalie Daise website Gullah Mama.  I just love her website!  I want my kids to know about the culture we have from Africa that is still practiced today. I most defiantly want to take a trip soon!.



Black Activist Angela Davis

I have always loved her take on society.

Why would I accept something I can’t change? No hunny.. I will find a way to change it!



Be still…

“Learning how to be still, to really be still and let life happen – that stillness becomes a radiance.”

Morgan Freeman

Ahh.. I don’t know how to do this..

I feel like I would go crazy if i were to “be still”.

I tried it one weekend.. forcibly I might add.. and I actually slept better.

But the truth of the matter is.. I need too.. not just with activities.. but life in general.

Most defiantly relationship.. I always see potential and try to move the situation alone to reap the goodness of it.. (if that’s understandable).

To me being “still” in a relationship is letting things happen naturally.. actually being in that moment and enjoying it for what it is… no forcing of declarations etc.. just being..

I’m going to try that.. wish me luck!